The following is a sampling of resources available for research and program evaluation involving human subjects or participants. The links below are here for your convenience.

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation This document provides guidance toward planning and implementing an evaluation process for for-profit or nonprofit programs -- there are many kinds of evaluations that can be applied to programs, for example, goals-based, process-based and outcomes-based.

CDC Evaluation Working Group - Resources Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office of the Associate Director for Program – Program Evaluation provides evaluation resources and step by step manuals.

Logic Models University of Wisconsin – Extension provides templates, examples and an online self-study module “Enhancing Program Performance with Logic Models”.

Heartland Institutional Review Board ® specializes in social science and education research as well as program evaluation protocols for grant funded projects. They provide ethical review and support services to principal investigators (PIs) and project directors (PDs), non-profits and for-profit agencies, contract research organizations (CROs), and sponsors of human subjects research.

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