Maberry Consulting evaluations emphasize continuous program improvement. We work with program staff, teachers, administrators, project managers, and key stakeholders to conduct evaluations that provide meaningful results.

The following is a sampling of the methodologies that we use:

  • Surveys (online and print)
  • Experimental and quasi-experimental research where possible to determine the impact of an intervention relative to others who do not use the intervention
  • Data mining with project database managers to query the data, collect relevant information, & make connections between data files to help organizations understand patterns in their own information
  • Meta-analysis of existing reports to show the forest instead of numerous individual trees
  • Focus groups with youth participants, parents and program staff
  • In-depth interviews, which allow for a depth of descriptive detail and discussion of sensitive subjects
  • Observation of programs and activities

Maberry has served as the external evaluator on numerous federal, state, local and private grants. For help planning evaluations, contact us at 866.753.7229.

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