Need to know where you stand?

Maberry Consulting & Evaluation Services
brings a wealth of experience to any grant or program evaluation project.

Our insight into measuring — and improving — our clients’ effectiveness
has been gained as the lead evaluator on more than 120 projects
funded through grants from U.S. Department of Education, the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and numerous state
agencies and private foundations.

After determining the best plan for your group, we produce all progress
reports and related paperwork as specified by the requirements of the
grants. With Maberry Consulting handling the tracking, your organization
has more time to make your project a success.

Our team of highly qualified evaluators, educators and administrators
develop systems to accurately assess the impact of your program,
solidly positioning it for audits, grantor reviews – and ultimately for
future funding.

Fees vary by project, but are typically paid from the grant funds, when

With a centrally located headquarters near St. Louis, MO, we have
served clients in 39 states.

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